Virgin Plus

Uniform guide

What works for work.

Congrats! You're part of the Virgin Plus team which means that what you wear to work is important. With a few items from your closet and a few from ours, you’ll be ready to rock.

Read on for info on how to live the brand from head to toe.

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Bring your own:

Pro tip: Make friends with an iron and keep your clothes and shoes spick and span.


1. Name tag

Wear your name tag at all times. If people don’t know your name they won’t know who to thank for the amazing service. Wear your name tag on the left and let the good times roll.

2. Tops

When it comes to tops, you’ve got options. You can wear your wrinkle-free, clean, Virgin Plus promo t-shirt, Virgin Plus branded hoodie or Henley any day of the week. Feel free to layer up with your own plain black tank top or short sleeved undershirt.

3. Masks

Masks are an important part of our uniform (plus, did we mention we think they really bring out your eyes?). Wear a disposable or reusable mask (with no valves or vents) in either black, red, or white, and voilà—coordinated with the rest of your uniform, it’s a whole look.

4. bottoms

Say yes to black or dark blue jeans, black pants, or a black skirt or shorts that are no less than 1 inch above the knee. Sorry, no capris, cargo pants leggings, jeggings, tights, joggers, sweat pants or ripped jeans.

5. Accessories

Feel free to belt-it just make sure your belt is black and doesn’t have a large buckle. Keep jewellery and hair accessories subtle. Brimless hats are cool but no fedoras or ball caps.

6. Shoes

Wear red, white or black shoes with red, white or black socks. Keep sandals, peep toe and open toe shoes at home.


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