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Hurricane Lee

Our teams are prepared and ready to respond quickly and safely to Hurricane Lee.

We will provide regular updates as the situation evolves. Please bookmark this page and check here to stay updated.

Since Hurricane Fiona, we have invested $10 million to install an additional 100 fixed generators to critical cell towers across Atlantic Canada, and now the majority are equipped.

We also started a 3-year, $30 million program to install an extra 150 fixed generators to support critical wireline sites (central offices) in the region, starting with 50 this year. Adding fixed generators means critical sites will automatically switch to generator power if commercial power is lost. This also gives us more flexibility in the planning stages by having our fleet of portable generators ‘at the ready’ in areas predicted to be the hardest hit.

Our Preparations

Our network is designed to withstand extreme weather with extra layers of protection like redundancy paths, and network battery and generator backup systems to minimize the risk of disruption if commercial power is lost.

In advance of Hurricane Lee, we have activated our internal emergency response process for 24/7 planning and coordination of the evolving situation. Additional preparations included:

  • Comprehensive network review to ensure stability
  • Fuelling our fleet of generators and vehicles
  • Positioning generators to critical sites that support high-density fibre routes and public safety communications
  • Placing crews and resources from other regions on hold to support restoration if needed
  • Communicating with provincial EMOs, premiers’ offices, key federal ministers and other local partners to ensure effective coordination and support
  • Working collaboratively with other network providers, like Eastlink, Telus and Rogers and local power companies

Service Restoration

Our core infrastructure - central offices and cell towers – were minimally impacted by Hurricane Lee.

Teams are now assessing damage to our distribution network – poles, cables and antennas - which deliver services to Members’ homes and businesses. Once power is restored and we are granted safe access to sites, crews will begin repairs.

Our crews are working closely with local power companies to restore service to our Members. Our teammates from Québec will be joining us first thing tomorrow so we can get Members back up and in service as quickly as possible.

Reminder to Internet Members: as power is restored in your region, you may need to turn your modems off and on again to reboot service.

Current Member impacts

Wireless services may appear slower as we are seeing some wireless congestion in areas with widespread power outages. Our crews are deploying generators where required and safe to do so. As the storm passes, we will have a better sense of impacts, but rest assured our teams are ready to respond.

Internet, TV and Home phone may be impacted in the following areas:

  • There are currently no impacts.

Wireless impacts - Members may be experiencing a disruption with their mobile service in the following areas:

  • There are currently no impacts.

Be Prepared

We encourage our Members to charge their mobile devices. We also recommend including power banks in emergency kits.

Power out? Switch to power saver mode on your device to extend the battery life. Close unneeded apps and dim the brightness of the screen to get the most out of your battery.

For more information on how you can be hurricane ready, please check out - Hurricane emergency updates and support - Government of Nova Scotia, Canada