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You bring your own phone.
We'll do the rest.

Bring over the phone you love and upgrade to a new affordable plan.

Step 1
Select a plan
Step 2
Select a SIM to activate your plan
Step 3
Start enjoying your service

It's in your hands

Monthly Plans

5G unlimited nationwide data plans and 4G nationwide data plans with tons of data.
Monthly plans starting at $19 per month.
Unlimited talk and text plans
All our plans include unlimited incoming Text, Voicemail & Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, and 3 Way Calling

Activate with a SIM card.

Select a plan

Heads up: You will be asked to choose an activation type (existing SIM or a new SIM card) after you choose a Rate plan.

Exclusive online offer.

Save $60 when you bring your own phone on an eligible plan.

Activate in minutes.

Already have a Virgin Plus SIM card? With Virgin Plus, you can activate your SIM card instantly.
A man smiling while he looks down at his mobile phone.