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One-time charges.

For some changes to your service you need to pay a one-time charge. This list makes it easy to see if any of these charges apply to you. And don't forget that things change over time, so please check back here just before making a transaction to get the most up-to-date info.



Service Adjustment Fee

All changes to rate plans and/or data features made effective before the next bill date and completed by a Virgin Plus rep will be charged a $20 Service Adjustment Fee. This fee does not apply if the transaction is completed through My Account, or if the transaction takes effect on the next bill date.


Bill reprint fee

Members can access up to 18 months of past bills for free online.
Contact us if you'd like a past bill letter mailed to you.
The $20 cost/bill will be added to your next monthly bill.


Connection service fee


Upgrade Processing Fee


Number Change

You can change your mobile phone number - for example, if you move or if you’d like a special number similar to your home number.

The only way to change your mobile number is over the phone or through a Virgin Plus location.

If you want to keep a phone number you have with another wireless carrier, you'll need to contact us or visit a Virgin Plus store and they can transfer the number for you. Check out what you need to know before transferring.


Transfer of Responsibility

You can transfer your mobile phone, phone number and Membership Agreement to another Member who will continue to use our services in accordance with our terms and conditions and accept legal responsibility for paying the bills. Learn more


Resume from Cancel


Restoral Of Service From Suspension Due to Non-Payment


myBuddies Number Change

Your Buddy List covers all numbers within your local calling area. If you’ve got National Buddies or your plan includes Canadian Long Distance, then your Buddy List can also cover numbers from across Canada.

You can change your Buddy List once a month for free! Learn how to change your Buddy numbers.


Sign up for e-bill and go paperless

Detailed Account Activity for each phone number under your account



Transfer to prepaid


Top up prepaid


Non-Sufficient funds*


Residential Specific Charges

Temporary Suspensions

(prorated for any partial month)

Modem Non-Return Charge


*Not applicable to Members in Quebec.

Good to know:

One time charges may change over time. Applicable taxes are extra.