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Using Download and Go

With the TV App, you can download subscription video-on-demand shows and movies to watch offline, without being connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

Download and Go for subscription video-on-demand content is available for all users of the TV app. Users must be subscribed to a specific content provider in order to download their content (i.e Crave TV subscription required to download Crave content).

This feature can be used with Apple or Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Download and Go on Apple devices requires an operating software of 10.0 or higher
  • Download and Go on Android devices requires an operating software of 10.0 or higher

Things to note:

  • You can download up to 10 shows/movies per account.
  • The same content can be downloaded on multiple devices
  • Downloads can expire between 48 hours to 30 days after downloading. You will be notified how much time you have left to enjoy your download within the app.
  • Content can be re-downloaded after expiry, as long as the show is still available in the On Demand section of the app.
  • All shows are only available for download in Canada, and select programming will need to be downloaded while you are in home, connected to your Virgin Wi-Fi. Once you have downloaded your show, it can be watched offline anywhere.
  • If you don’t have enough space to download content, you can:
    • Delete older downloads or other files on your device.
    • Download to an external SD card (Android only).  
    • Reduce the quality settings of the recording.