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Sharing the App on Multiple Devices

You can use the TV app on multiple devices at the same time.

Things to remember:

  • On the same TV Account, you can watch up to 2 simultaneous streams. 
  • Only one simultaneous stream can be used to view live content on TV devices when you’re outside of your home and not connected to your Virgin internet. You can still use a second simultaneous stream on mobile devices and web to watch live content, or watch on-demand content on a TV device.
  • When you’re outside of your home and not connected to your Virgin internet, you can register a maximum of 5 devices per TV account. Devices are automatically added to your TV account the first time they are used to watch content through the app. When you’re at home and connected to your Virgin internet, device registration is unlimited.
  • You can remove a device at any time from the My Devices tab in the app settings.

Heads up:

  • TV Devices include Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Chromecast™, Apple TV and AirPlay enabled devices.