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Universal Network-Level Call Blocking

Virgin Plus continues to work to keep up with our Members’ ever changing communications needs in order to provide the best experience possible. In an effort to do this, Virgin Plus is implementing Universal Network-Level Call Blocking (UNCB).

UNCB will help to protect Canadians against certain types of unsolicited calls by blocking calls when call display information is blatantly inaccurate.

What calls are blocked?

Any incoming or outgoing calls that have irregular calling line identifiers (e.g., Call display such as 222-222-2222, or that exceed 15 digits). These telephone numbers often encompass various types of unwanted, unsolicited, spoofed, or spam phone calls, such as illegitimate marketing (e.g., free cruise offers), and typically originate from telemarketers not registered with the National Do Not Call List (NDNCL).

A “spoofed” number can appear as a string of digits, such as 000-000-0000, a random number, or the number of a company, person or government entity. Telemarketers making sales calls in Canada have an obligation to accurately identify themselves. Callers who use technology to spoof their call display with inaccurate, false or misleading information violate this requirement.

UNCB should help reduce the number of unsolicited calls received by Canadians, although it will not block all unsolicited calls.

When will UNCB be implemented?

Virgin Plus will implement UNCB starting November 6, 2019, for both wireless and wireline services.