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Virgin Plus Unlimited Nationwide Data Plans – FAQs

  • What are Unlimited Nationwide Data Plans?

    Unlimited Nationwide Data Plans eliminate charges for going over your data limit. Plans include data at speeds of 250Mbps up to your data limit. Once you hit your data limit, data speeds will be reduced to 256Kbps. At reduced speeds, higher bandwidth applications (such as emails with large attachments, social media, video streaming) still work but may take longer to load.

    All of Virgin Plus’s Unlimited Nationwide Data Plans are available on 5G network speeds. To access the 5G network, you must be using a 5G enabled device, have a 5G SIM and be in an area that has 5G network coverage. Check out our coverage map to learn more.

  • What happens when I exceed my full speed allowance?

    Once you exceed your full speed allowance, you can continue to use data without any incremental charges. However, your data speeds will be throttled to 256 Kbps.

  • What is the experience like with data speed at 256 kbps?

    You are still able to leverage data applications on your device. However, it will take longer to download webpages, open attachments and you may experience some buffering with video streaming.

  • How will I know if my data speed has been throttled?

    You will receive an SMS notification once you have consumed 95% of your full speed allowance and again, when you reach 100% of your full speed allowance. At that point, your data speed will be throttled.

  • How do I un-throttle my data?

    In order to un-throttle your data, you can upgrade to a plan with a higher data allowance.

  • What is SD Video Streaming?

    This refers to Standard Definition video streaming which optimizes your video quality to 480p.

  • What is Hotspot Capabilities?

    Plans that reference Hotspot Capabilities allow you to connect another wireless device (like a laptop or tablet) to your smartphone and those devices would leverage the data allowance on your smartphone plan.