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Activate your prepaid phone

Activating your prepaid phone online is easy. All you need is a Virgin Plus prepaid SIM card and an unlocked or compatible phone.

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Already a Virgin Plus Member?

If you're a current Member upgrading to a new phone or replacing your phone with a replacement phone log in to My Account to update your information.

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Got questions? We can help.

  • Wondering what your PIN is for?

    Your PIN would have been sent to you via text message after you activated your Prepaid phone. This PIN can be used to verify your identity and to check your balance when you call us.

    Heads Up! You'll get a separate text message with your password to finish setting up your My Account.

  • I'm already a Virgin Plus Member. How do I upgrade or replace my prepaid phone?

    If you're a current Member upgrading to a new phone or replacing your phone with a replacement phone log in to My Account to update your information.

    Log in to My Account

  • When can I start adding cash to my prepaid account?

    You can add cash to your prepaid account during activation or just log in to My Account at any time. You'll need a top up card or a credit card. Top Up Now

  • What's Top Up?

    Topping up is how you add money to your Virgin Plus prepaid account.

    If we’re providing you with prepaid services, you will not receive a monthly bill. You must maintain a positive balance of funds in your Prepaid account in order to use the services. Top Up Now

  • Where can I get a Top Up card?

    Top Up cards are sold at thousands of retail locations across Canada. You can pick them up in handy $15, $25, $50 and $100 amounts. Whatever works for you.

  • How can I pay to Top Up?

    To Top Up your account, you can use a MasterCard, Visa or American Express credit card, or Visa Debit Card. Top Up Now

  • Will my credits ever expire?

    Yes! Prepaid funds are valid for a specified number of days starting from the time of the day they’re added to your account (“Active Period”).

    Unused funds will expire at the end of the Active Period. Expired prepaid funds will be restored if you Top Up your account within 7 calendar days of their expiry.

    If you Top Up your account before your existing prepaid funds expire (or are used up), then your Top Up will be added to your existing Prepaid funds and the Active Period for the Top Up will apply to the combined amount of prepaid funds. Prepaid funds are non-refundable.  Any Prepaid funds which are added to your account on a promotional basis will expire at the end of the Active Period and are not restored by Top Up. Any included but unused minutes, text messages or data in Prepaid Plans or Add-Ons will not carry over beyond the applicable Plan or Add-On period.

    The higher the amount, the longer the available time you have to use it before it expires. Check out the chart below.

    Top Up Cards or Cash Top Up Value Credit or Debit Expiry (In Days)
    $100 $100 - $200 365
    $50 $50 - $99 60
    $25 $25 - $49 60
    $15 $15 - $24 30
  • Keeping my account active

    If your balance is zero for 120 days, your account will be deactivated and you'll lose your phone number. Yikes! To reactivate your account, click on the link "Activate now" above.

    Keeping a balance in your Prepaid account makes sure that you:

    • Always have the lowest by-the-minute calling rate.
    • Always have access to your phone when you need it.
    • Can carry over any unused account balance to your new expiry date.

    Heads Up!
    If your balance is zero, you won’t be able to make/receive calls, browse the web or send texts. Dial #999 from your phone to check your balance.