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      Good to know:
      • The first and last name of the Member must match the name as it appears in Activation Lounge/FastAct.

      Heads-up for Members:

      As you wait to print the Member's order deets, please inform them of the following:

      • Their new phone must be picked up in the same store where their order was made. The phone will be available for pick-up for 7 days after it arrives in store. A waiting time may be required for any pick-ups past that date.
      • They can trade-in their current phone at time of pickup and use its trade-in value towards their new Samsung Galaxy S6 and/or accessories.
      • To reduce line-ups and wait times, please recommend that they pick up their phone before 12pm or after 5 pm, depending on store hours of operation.
      • At the time of phone pick up, we will require the following:
        • POS receipt
        • Security deposit receipt (if applicable)
        • A printed copy of the order confirmation
        • Valid photo ID
      • If a Member used a credit card to pay for their order and a security deposit was required, please remind them that the security deposit will be collected when they pick up their phone in store.
      • The phone number on this form is the Virgin Plus phone number assigned to their new Samsung Galaxy S6 order. If a Member would like to transfer their current phone number, they can do so when they pick up their phone.