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Exclusive offers for new Canadians.

As a newcomer to Canada, you can get a special offer on your mobile plan by completing the form below. Once completed, you'll receive an email with your offer code which you can use to redeem in store.

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  • Go to a Bell store near you with your IDs and confirmation email
  • A Bell employee at the store will assist you with the rest.

Thank you for choosing [Virgin Plus].

Get an exclusive $40<span aria-hidden='true' >/mo. </span> <span class='sr-only' > per month </span> 30 GB non-shareable plan.

Join Virgin Plus today and take advantage of an exclusive $40<span aria-hidden='true' >/mo. </span> <span class='sr-only' > per month </span> Plan that includes

After a credit of $15<span aria-hidden='true' >/mo. </span> <span class='sr-only' > per month </span> for 24 months when you bring your own. Current price: $55<span aria-hidden='true' >/mo. </span> <span class='sr-only' > per month </span> Prices may increase during subscription.

One-time connection service fee ($60) applies.

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