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Virgin Plus is upgrading its internet network in the next few years in all areas. To maintain Virgin Plus Internet services, you will need to transfer services to the upgraded network.

Keep your home connected

Why do I need to transfer my services?

As devices and services used on our network are continuously evolving, we are moving towards a better network ready to support your services. We can no longer support and maintain our old network.

What happens if I don't transfer?

Your existing services over the current network will continue to work as long as Virgin Plus supports them in your neighbourhood. You'll be notified before Virgin Plus shuts off services over the current network in your neighbourhood. Rest assured, this network upgrade will allow you to take advantage of the enhanced Internet technology for all your connected devices.

How to transfer your services

Is a technician required to transfer?

Yes, a technician is required. The technician will connect the outside network to the modem inside your home. If you've been notified that Virgin Plus is shutting off services in your area and you wish to upgrade them, give us a call at 1-888-999-2321.

Will my internet services be interrupted when I transfer?

Services will only be interrupted briefly while the technician installs your new modem.

Are there any costs associated with the transfer?

There is no charge for the installation. There will also be no changes to the cost of your existing services unless you change them or order additional services.

How long will the technician visit take?

On average, it takes about 3.5 hours for the technician to complete the upgrade.

How existing services are affected

Will my internet service change?

Your internet service will improve. You'll experience faster response times and increased upload speed at no extra cost.

Will my Virgin Plus TV service change?

There will be no change to your Virgin TV service.

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