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Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMPS)

We run on a super-fast, super-vast network that covers 99% of Canadians. In certain circumstances, we may need to manage speeds or other aspects of our network. This ITMPs notice describes such measures.


Virgin Plus is continually investing in our networks to keep up with the growing demands of our Members' communications needs in order to provide the best experience possible. In certain circumstances, Virgin Plus may need to manage speeds or other aspects of our networks. These ITMP notices describes such measures.

Mobile broadband for first responders:

What is Mobile Broadband for First Responders?
Mobile Broadband for First Responders (MBFR) addresses the needs of emergency first responders, public safety officials and critical infrastructure personnel using our LTE network. MBFR provides these customers with priority access to the LTE network during rare periods where demand for LTE network resources exceeds expected peak capacity (MBFR Events).

When might MBFR Events occur?
MBFR Events are rare.  Some examples include natural disasters, threats to public safety or widespread power outages.  They occur when demand for LTE network resources exceeds expected peak capacity.  This could be a result of demand exceeding engineered thresholds for (i) the actual physical network resources of the cell site and/or (ii) the processing capacity at one or more cell sites.

What are the impacts of MBFR?
During a MBFR Event, non-MBFR users may experience negligibly slower speeds and slightly delayed response times when using certain data services, such as browsing and watching videos. In rare cases, data services and/or voice calls may need to be re-initiated. 911 service is never affected.

Roaming – data speeds

How are roaming customers impacted by reduced speeds?
Virgin Plus Members who are travelling outside of Canada and roaming on another carrier’s network may experience data speeds and signal strength that may vary due to the roaming partner’s network technology, traffic, topography, environmental conditions, network management and other factors. We may also manage data speeds from time to time on a temporary basis in order to reduce the volume of Virgin Plus’ data traffic on the roaming partner’s network. Members can check whether we are temporarily managing data speeds for their travel destination here.

How are Roam Sweet Roam - with home data customers impacted by reduced data speeds above 5 GB?
In addition to the above-mentioned measures that may be taken on a temporary basis, Virgin Plus Members who subscribe to the Roam Sweet Roam - with home data feature will have their data speeds reduced once they have reached 5 GB of data usage per day when roaming in a Roam Sweet Roam destination. Data speeds reset at 12:00 AM (ET) daily.

What is the impact on data speeds when roaming?
When speed management is in effect, data speeds are reduced to speeds of up to 512 kilobits per second (Kbps). Roaming users should still be able to access email, light web browsing and messaging. Applications that require higher speeds (such as video streaming) may be affected by the data speed reduction.

What if I have a Virgin Plus plan with Unlimited Data?
Your data usage while roaming will not count towards your maximum speed allotment within Canada, or within Canada/U.S. for Members with plans that include Unlimited Data in those countries. Roaming pay-per-use rates and Roam Sweet Roam – with home data fees (and its reduced speeds after 5 GB per day) will not apply to Members with Canada/U.S. plans when in those countries.

Video Optimization

What is Video Optimization?
Video Optimization is a technology used by wireless carriers in Canada and around the world to manage the amount of bandwidth consumed by streaming video.

What traffic and Members does Video Optimization apply to?
Our Video Optimization technology may apply to any adaptive streaming video that is accessed on your Virgin Plus mobile connected device over a wireless network. Video Optimization does not apply to video on your device, videos you download, or video you stream when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

What is the impact of Video Optimization?
Video Optimization adjusts your connection to adaptive streaming video in order to limit the maximum resolution at which it is delivered. Due to the screen size of smartphones, the difference in resolution will be imperceptible or immaterial to you. In some cases, the difference may be more noticeable on devices with larger screens such as tablets. When Video Optimization is applied, you use less data, which can allow you to use more of the data allotment in your plan for other activities. Video Optimization can also reduce congestion on our network, which benefits all Members.

Unlimited Nationwide Data plans

How do our Unlimited Nationwide Data plans work?
Our Unlimited Nationwide Data plans allow Members to use a specified amount of data (with plans starting at 8 GB) at the maximum data speeds available on our network. Once the allotted maximum amount of data is used within a billing cycle, customers can continue to use data at speeds reduced to a maximum of 512 kilobits per second (Kbps) without incurring data overage charges. The reduced speed will last until the end of the billing cycle, following which the customer will once again have access to maximum data speeds.

Which Members are impacted?
All Virgin Plus Members who subscribe to our Unlimited Nationwide Data plans will have their data speeds reduced once they have used the monthly data allotted for access at maximum speeds.

What is the impact on data speeds?
Data speeds are reduced from the maximum speed available on our network to speeds of up to 512 Kbps, suitable for light web browsing, email and messaging. Applications that require higher speeds (such as video streaming or video-calling) will be affected by the data speed reduction.

Wireline home internet

There are currently no active Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMP) which slow down Internet traffic on Virgin Plus's retail wireline internet services.

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