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How Virgin Plus
uses information

Virgin Plus’s marketing partners will not receive the personal information of program participants; we just deliver the offers relevant to the program participants on their behalf.

Participants in the tailored marketing program may enjoy a number of benefits, including additional advertising relevance, meaningful cost savings, and knowledge of local promotions. Examples include:


How your participation in Virgin Plus's tailored marketing program will help reduce random and frequently irrelevant advertising while protecting your privacy

  • What personal information is used in Virgin Plus's tailored marketing program?
  • Information not used:
  • What types of information do advertisers see when developing an advertising campaign?
  • How does Virgin Plus work with partners?
  • How does Virgin Plus use location information to market its own products and services to me?
  • Who is involved with these programs?
  • What if I decide I don't want to give my consent to use my information for marketing?
  • Questions or concerns about your privacy?
  • What happened to Virgin Plus’s online marketing program?
  • Will participation in the Tailored Marketing Program put my personal information at an increased risk?

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