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What is STIR/SHAKEN and how does it work?

Many Canadians receive unwanted, fraudulent robocalls using spoofed caller IDs. STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited)/SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) is a caller authentication technology that helps reduce the number of unsolicited calls by verifying that an incoming call is, in fact, from the number on the caller ID display.

With STIR/SHAKEN, you’ll be able to see if a caller has been verified when you are receive incoming calls. This feature is available to Virgin Plus postpaid members and is free of charge.

To benefit from this feature, you must have:

  • A compatible device:

    • LG Velvet 5G
    • Samsung Galaxy S20 series (S20 5G, S20+ 5G and S20 Ultra 5G) with the latest software update
  • A Virgin Plus postpaid rate plan
  • Virgin Voice/Video over LTE network coverage or Wi-Fi Calling coverage (voice over Wi-Fi)
  • A Virgin Plus LTE SIM card

In addition, for STIR/SHAKEN to work, the person calling you must be:

  • A Virgin Plus postpaid member with Voice over LTE, Video over LTE or Wi-Fi Calling services within network coverage using any device.

If the caller is using a different service provider, STIR/SHAKEN will not be enabled.

How do I know if a call is verified?

If the caller has been verified by STIR/SHAKEN, you’ll see indicators during incoming calls. The experience varies by device and network coverage.

LG Velvet 5G

A green checkmark will appear next to the caller ID, and “Valid number” will appear on the display.


Samsung Galaxy S20 series

To benefit from the STIR/SHAKEN feature, please ensure the latest Android software is installed on your device.

Device model

Software version

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G


Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G


A green checkmark will appear next to the caller ID, and “Number Verified” will appear on the display.