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I have questions about wireless number portability and transferring my mobile phone number to Virgin Plus.

How do I transfer my phone number to Virgin Plus?

You can request the number transfer by ordering a new device or SIM card online, visiting a Virgin Plus store or calling us at 1-888-866-1111. Before starting the wireless number transfer, please ensure that:

  • You have your old SIM card in a phone that is powered on nearby, as it will be required to verify your transfer request via text message (SMS).
  • You don't deactivate your mobile phone number! We'll take care of that for you. If you deactivate it first, then we won't be able to move your number over.
  • You have the number that you wish to transfer to Virgin Plus, along with the following from your previous service provider: device serial number (the ESN/SIM/MEID/IMEI number, depending on the type of phone you have, account number, PIN for account number.
  • The name on your new Virgin Plus account matches the name on your old provider's account exactly, otherwise we won’t be able to bring your number over.

Once you receive your new device and/or SIM card, please visit to complete your number transfer.

How long does it take to transfer my number?

Wireless number transfers can be completed within two hours of receiving your SIM and/or device.

Landline-to-wireless transfers take up to 24 to 48 hours to process.

What is wireless number portability?

Wireless number portability lets you keep the same phone number when changing wireless service providers. You can keep your phone number when switching from:

  • one wireless service provider to another;
  • a home phone service to a wireless service;

Can any number be transferred?

Not all numbers are transferable. For example, the following cannot be transferred:

  • Inactive numbers
  • Pager numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Special * or # numbers
  • Numbers from areas that do not support transfers of phone numbers

You'll be able to check if your number is transferable while ordering a new device or SIM card online, by visiting a a Virgin Plus store or calling us at 1-888-866-1111.

Can I keep my phone number if I move to a different city?

You can keep your wireless number when moving to a new town or city in Canada.

Will I need to get a new mobile phone and rate plan when I transfer my number to Virgin Plus?

Options are available for a new device and plan, or simply a bring your own phone (BYOP) plan. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss all options with you.

Will my voicemail and other calling features keep working when I transfer my number to Virgin Plus?

No. Only the phone number gets transferred to Virgin Plus. Features you had with your previous service provider will be disconnected. Ask about features that will let you make the most of your new phone during the transfer process.

Can I transfer my number if I have a contract with my current service provider?

Yes, you can transfer your number at any time. Check the details of your current service to understand any charges, such as cancellation fees and outstanding balances you may be responsible for when the service is cancelled.

Is there a charge to transfer my number to Virgin Plus?

No, there are no additional fees to transfer your number to Virgin Plus, but you are responsible for any contractual obligation with your previous service provider.