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Powerful Partnership

NPower Canada is on a mission to reduce poverty in Canada by addressing youth employment, and guide underserved adults into meaningful, sustainable digital careers.

NPower Canada

NPower Canada provides young adults with in-demand digital and professional skills training, and connects them to exciting opportunities with Canada’s top employers - all for free.

Working with Virgin Unite since 2014, this partnership has provided instrumental funding, and has resulted in hiring numerous program grads as well as helping others find full time employment.

ReGeneration will contribute directly to NPower Canada’s IT workforce development program. This partnership includes recognition and engagement opportunities, and profiling success stories while curating volunteer opportunities for Virgin Plus employees.

Hear what some grads had to say about the program:

“Even with CERB, making ends meet was a struggle and the anxiety I felt impacted my mental health. I mentioned this to Donna and one of the program coordinators and they gave me a grocery store gift card. I broke out crying, I didn’t think they would care that much, but they really did. That support made me want to succeed in the program even more.”
— Allyn

“Growing up I always worked, I’m the oldest of 10 kids - I had two part-time jobs. It was hard to make time for school and that’s why I liked the NPower Canada program. It was flexible and I could learn at my own pace helped me understand my learning style.”
— Abdul