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If you activated an eSIM on a Virgin Plus phone number or tablet, simply follow the steps below to set up your service.

If you receive a notification on your phone, simply tap on the notification and follow the prompts to download your eSIM profile to your device.

Otherwise, follow the instructions below for manual eSIM setup.

Google Pixel
Make sure your Google Pixel phone is operating on Android 10 or higher and connected to Wi-Fi (or the mobile network).

  1. Go to Settings > Network & Internet
  2. Select SIMs
  3. Select Download a SIM instead
  4. Select Next.and follow the steps.
  5. Select Activate
  6. If prompted to confirm your network, select Virgin Plus. If Virgin Plus is not listed, select Use a different network and scan the following QR code:

Alternatively, you can enter the details manually:

  1. Select Need Help at bottom of the screen. If prompted to confirm your network, select Virgin Plus.
  2. Select Enter it manually.
  3. Enter or paste the code below:

To set up your eSIM, your Samsung device must be operating on Android 12.0 or higher and must be connected to Wi-Fi or the mobile network

  1. Open Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager
  2. Select Add Mobile plan > Scan Carrier QR Code
  3. The Camera will open. Scan the following QR code and follow the prompts

Alternatively, you can enter the details manually if needed:

  1. Select Enter Activation Code
  2. In the Activation Code field, paste or type:
  3. Follow the prompts
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