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Heads Up! Upcoming system test:
On November 17, 2021, there will be a test of the Alert Ready emergency system. You may receive an emergency notification on compatible wireless devices on that day.
Note: this test may not be performed in all regions.
No action is required on your part. For more information, visit AlertReady.ca.




With a credit limit, you'll get an account with a $200 or $300 spending limit. That means your account balance always has to stay under that limit, including any usage we haven't billed you for yet, to keep your phone up and running. We'll take your credit limit off your account once you've made 6 on-time monthly bill payments in a row. Check your Membership Agreement for all the details.


  • Use your phone like you normally would and keep it active by paying your bill every month by the due date and by keeping your total balance under your credit limit. Your total balance includes your unpaid bill plus all up-to-date extras or overage charges. It's a great idea to always leave some room in your balance to cover any extras so that you don't hit your credit limit.
  • If you get close to your credit limit, you temporarily won't be able to make or receive calls, but you can still call 911 for emergencies and 611 to pay your account.
  • To get your phone up and running again after you've gone over your credit limit, you'll need to pay off your last bill plus any extra or overage charges over $100 that might have added up since your last bill.


We make it super easy to pay your monthly bill so that your phone stays up and running. You can do it yourself on your own time or let us do the work for you by setting up auto payments. It's all up to you. Find out more about all the ways to pay your Virgin Plus Bill.

Got questions? We can help.

  • How will I know that I'm near my credit limit?

    Credit limit alerts are free. Once you get an alert, you should make a payment ASAP to make sure your service isn't affected. Here's how we'll notify you:

    Alerts $200 Credit Limit $300 Credit Limit What we'll do
    1st Alert $150 $225 Text Alert
    2nd Alert $175 $250 Outgoing calls will be redirected to us until we get a payment to bring you below your credit limit
    3rd Alert $190 $275 Text Alert
    4th Alert $200 $300 Phone suspended until we get your payment

    If you've set up Pre-Authorized payments, remember that payments are charged on a specific day each month. If you're getting close to your credit limit, you might need to make an extra payment to make sure you don't go over your credit limit.

    Good to know: If you start to use your phone a lot really quickly or you go over your credit limit before we can alert you, your account might be suspended without warning. Keep an eye on your usage in the Members Lounge to see where you're at with your current plan.

  • What happens when I hit my credit limit?

    Once you've hit your credit limit, your phone will be temporarily suspended until we get a payment to bring you back under your limit. Remember, some payment methods take longer to get to us than others:

    Processing time Payment method
    Credit card Within 30 minutes
    Online/telephone banking 3 to 5 business days
  • Can I remove My credit limit?

    We'll automatically take off your credit limit once you've made 6 on-time monthly bill payments in a row. Once this happens we'll send you a text to know that your credit limit is a goner. Yay!

  • Can I have more than one service with a credit limit?

    You can only have one phone with a credit limit at a time, but you can add extra lines once your credit limit is taken off.

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