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Heads Up! Upcoming system test:
On November 17, 2021, there will be a test of the Alert Ready emergency system. You may receive an emergency notification on compatible wireless devices on that day.
Note: this test may not be performed in all regions.
No action is required on your part. For more information, visit AlertReady.ca.


Tracking Your Usage.

Tracking Your Call Or Data Usage

Wanna see how much time or data you used up so that you can keep on track for the rest of the month?

Don't forget that usage figures are approximate and, because of network roaming delays, might not include your most recent usage if you've been roaming. Right now, usage summaries are only up and running for Members in certain provinces.

Like other mobile companies in Canada and around the world, Virgin Plus bills airtime to Members from the second the network is used to either make or receive calls. Outgoing calls are billed from the time you start the call until it ends. Incoming calls are also billed for the entire time of the call, including the time it took to connect the call. We don't bill for any calls that aren't connected.

Heads-up! Right now this feature is not available for Prepaid accounts.


My Account App

  1. Download and open the My Account app.
  2. Hit Usage from the bottom menu the menu button in the top-left corner
  3. If you want to see more details about your usage, hit on the usage category Hit My Usage.

My Account

  1. Head to virginplus.ca/myusage and log in.

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