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Setting up a smartwatch plan with numbershare on your Google smartwatch.

Setting up a Smartwatch plan

If you have the latest Google smartwatch with cellular connectivity, you can connect it to the Virgin Plus network by signing up for a Smartwatch plan with NumberShare™.

This lets you make calls, send messages and stay connected with just your smartwatch – even when you’re away from your smartphone.

Getting started

To set up a Smartwatch plan with NumberShare, you’ll need:

  • A Google Pixel Watch with cellular connectivity.
  • An eligible Virgin Plus Mobility postpaid plan with data.
  • An Android smartphone operating on Android 8.0 or higher.
  • The Google Watch App installed on your smartphone.
  • Make sure your smartphone, Watch app, and Google smartwatch are updated to the latest software.
  • A My Account profile associated with the primary phone number. Register for My Account if you haven’t already done so.

Google smartwatches with cellular connectivity have an eSIM (a built-in SIM card), so you don’t need a separate SIM card.

You’ll be prompted to set up a Smartwatch plan when you first pair your Google smartwatch with your smartphone. If you don’t set it up right away, you can do it later through the Watch app on your smartphone. Make sure that your Google smartwatch is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network and has Bluetooth switched on.


  1. Ensure your smartwatch is charged and powered on.
  2. Ensure desired language is selected then select Next.
  3. On your smartphone, download and install the Google Watch app from your smartphone's app store.
  4. Open Google Watch app.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Follow the app instructions and review the terms and conditions for each option, Choose your preferred option and select I agree.
  7. If prompted, choose the watch you want to pair with the phone.
  8. Confirm passkey displayed on both your smartphone and watch match, then tap Pair.
  9. If requested, either sign in or skip Google account setup.
  10. Continue pairing and setup flow, choose your preferred options until you reach the “Stay connected on the go” page, select Set up.
  11. Type in your Virgin Plus phone number to setup NumberShare and select Continue
  12. Enter the verification code from the received text message and select Continue.
  13. Choose your preferred NumberShare data plan and select Continue.
  14. Log into My Account with your username and password and then select Continue.
  15. Review NumberShare terms and select Accept and Continue.
  16. Review your smartwatch plan billing details and select Submit.
  17. Wait for the activation to be completed and select Done.
  18. Wait for plan to be activated. A message indicating your smartwatch is now activated on the Virgin Plus network will appear and select Done.

For additional help and information about Google smartwatches, visit the Google support site

Coverage and roaming

On compatible smartwatches, LTE connectivity works in Canada where there is VoLTE coverage. International roaming is currently not available.

Outside of VoLTE coverage areas, you can use your smartwatch with Bluetooth.

Using Google smartwatch without your smartphone nearby

If your Google smartwatch has a Smartwatch plan with NumberShare, you can use it independently, even if your smartphone is in a different location.

Your smartwatch must be turned on in order for your smartwatch to send and receive text messages, and email. You can however make and receive calls from your Google smartwatch when your smartphone is turned off or out of battery.